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TOP 5 Great Trailers That Were Bad Movies

5. Man of Steel

With great Voice over dialogue from Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner and several iconic shots of Superman’s cape blowing in the wind, we truly thought this was going to be a great definitive Superman Origin story. Okay, the film itself isn’t in particular bad, but it just isn’t that great film that all Superman fans had been waiting so long for. The film is just a bit emotionless and lacks any sort of joy or reason for the audience to feel involved. Plus, the mindless destruction and violence towards the climax of the film doesn’t sit too well with a lot of people.


4. Iron Man 3

Just like Man of Steel, this film isn’t a stinker and some fans even say it is their favourite of all the Iron Man series. The problem here is that it just seems nothing like the trailer selling it. The trailer fantastically depicts a dark and gritty story between Iron Man and the Mandarin which is full of drama and great action sequences. Instead, we got a film with barely any Iron Man and mostly Tony Stark filled with comedic moments. Plus, The Mandarin twist isn’t exactly everyone’s cups of tea. The film on its own merits is actually quite good and entertaining. It is, however, nowhere near as good as what the trailer made us think it would be.


3. Godzilla (1998)

In fairness, some of the films on this list aren’t actually that bad. However, 1998’s Godzilla goes way beyond bad and is truly a stinker. In comparison, the trailer that preceded it is actually great. It had the iconic shot of the policeman and civilians looking up in terror and then sprinting away as Godzilla comes marauding around the corner in New York City. The action sequences looked like they were also going to be great and truly exciting. In reality, what we got was a movie that lacked any character, for the people in it and Godzilla. It truly feels as though it was only released to make some cash.


2. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

After fifteen years of waiting since the last film, Star Wars fans finally got a trailer for their new film in November 1998. Again, this trailer looked brilliant and did everything it could to increase the hype. From the classic music, to the introduction of new characters, this teaser had Star Wars fans foaming at the mouth. This wasn’t just a trailer. It was an event. Fans paid money just to watch the trailer and then left the cinema before the movie it preceded even came on. This is what makes it probably the biggest disappointment on this list. The film itself is, well, actually just a bit boring. The plot is poorly done and isn’t helped by horrible new characters such as Jar Jar Binks.


1. Suicide Squad

Just watch it! Just listen to the music! Just notice the great editing! What a trailer this is! What a shame that it led to such a mediocre movie. One that is so bad, it is already being rebooted and it only came out four years ago. The film is just a bit of mess with a bloated plot and topped off with Jared Leto’s terrible interpretation of The Joker. The only good thing to come from this Movie is Margot Robbie’s wonderful Harley Quinn. Thankfully, we are still getting to see her reprise this role. Everything else about this film, however, can happily be forgotten about.

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